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Bangkoks best guide of bars that have deals on drinks and beers. We have put together a list with all bars that we recommend.

Bangkoks Best guide on Internet if you like Events and Happy Hour

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Happy hour guide

Bangkoks best guide of bars that have deals on drinks and beers. We have put together a list with the bar that we recommend.

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What's Happening Tonight in Bangkok?

Discover events throughout the city

Untz untz , you feel the music? Bangkoks trendiest nightclubs and bars. We got the list for you.

Best Markets in Bangkok

Looking for street food and shopping? Here is Bangkoks biggest markets.

 Bkk is a big city. You can eat on different restaurants everyday if you want and never visit a restaurant two times. There is more then 10 000 restaurants in Bkk.

Do you live in Bangkok or just a tourist? 

Everybody needs help to find the best places to visit. Don’t just rely on luck, be sure to visit a good restaurant. We got the perfect tips for you on where you should eat and when it’s a promotion so you can save money and still eat good food. Have you ever heard about the hidden bars in Bangkok? Behind the doors to the hidden bars the best mixologist works. From Rabbit hole in Thonglor to Photo booth in Soi 11.

Make a reservation

Best deals in Bangkok - Download Chope

Chope is an app there you can make an reservation on many different restaurants in Bangkok. They offer good deals on many restaurant like get 2 dishes pay for 1. If you download the app from this adress you earn 250 baht restaurant voucher .

Best tips for travel to Bangkok

Where To Stay in Bangkok - Hotels and Areas

Looking for a hotel? We got the list of the best rated hotels in Bangkok.
Are you a tourist that don't know where to stay in Bangkok? Then we got the right information for you. We also recommend some hotels that are perfect for different kinds of vacations or work trips.

Gift ideas for every occasion

Looking for gifts online? We got many ideas for you.

Want to find the perfect gift for your loved one?

Whether it’s their wedding, birthday or just an occasion in general we’ve got you covered!

Our sort by function will make navigating through all those difficult choices easier than ever before.

From weddings down as simple and quick process with our selection of decorations from around town – no matter what type scene they prefer when looking forward towards holiday season then this is spot to be found at last year’s conclusion

First of all i want to say thanks you for a nice page. Me and my colleagues always looks for new happy hours and it's fun that we found this page. ​
Beer lover
Beer lover

Restaurants and Street food you must try in BKK

Delicious food in Bangkok

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Do you want to cook like a pro?

Learn - Share - Eat! Yummy sous Vide is the biggest community for all Sous vide lovers around the world. So if you want to cook like the best chefs in the world. Check out this website.

transportation bts


When it's rush hour in Bangkok the best way to get around is public transportation. The rush hour starts early 7-9 am and then 3.30 to 8.00 pm. BTS (skytrain) and MTR (metro) is so smooth and easy to travel with. The Public transports stops going at night 00 am and strarts again 5.30 am.

taxi in bangkok

Taxi & GRAB

If you are local the best way to get around is with a regular taxi. But if you are a tourists the easiest way is with Grab. Then you don't need to tell the driver to turn on the taximeter and they never trick you. Don't forget to tell them start the taxi meter before you go! Grab bought Uber for some years ago and is one of the biggest companies in all Asia. Don't go with taxis and Grabs when it's rush hour! Then you will spend to long time in the car.



The most famous get around in Bangkok is Tuktuk. But it's also the most expensive. You will never see a local person travel with a tuktuk. It's just a tourist thing. Many hotels offers tuktuk service . SO we recommend to use your hotels tuktuk to a shopping center instead of an expensive tuktuk outside MBK.

Motor taxi in bangkok

Motor taxi

The cheapest way of all taxis is motor taxi. All locals use them everyday. Grab also offer motor taxi. It's much more faster than a regular car cuz they don't need to wait on other cars when it's rush hour. So we recommend this choice cause it's the cheapest and fastest way to get around in BKK. But don't go with them if you are drunk at the night. Then you should use a taxi.


Many locals goes with boat taxis every day to there works. It's cost just 9 baht so it's very cheap. In the big river outside Icon siam they offer free boats ride to the other side of the river. You will see big signs with Icon siam on it. so you know that it's the right boat.

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